Stop Smoking

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The Session is about 1,5 – 2 hours long. IF you are ready to stop smoking and have the motivation and desire to get back CONTROL in your life over cigarettes then hypnosis is for you. You will also get my Stop Smoking maintenance recording via Email that you can listen too at home(if required). I personally use this recording every few years to make sure I stay free and on track.

Stop Smoking

Many people have tried and tried but they simply cannot break free from cigarettes. They are as they would say addicted to the nicotine; however other smokers who say they are not addicted also find it very hard to break the habit.

Hypnosis is proven to be the most efficient, the fastest and the easiest way to successfully free oneself from the life threatening habit and addiction of cigarettes. Many people try to use their own Will Power to rid themselves from cigarettes. Only about 5% of them will succeed. The other 95% will fail because no matter how hard they try, they always seem to go back to that cigarette.

This is because they are using the wrong tool for the job. Sometimes when we WILL ourselves to do something we actually end up achieving the opposite. We have not Re-programmed the subconscious to think like a non-smoker. Will power is the wrong tool. It is the subconscious that needs to be re-programmed to think and feel like a non-smoker.

That Cigarette

Smoking delivers small but powerful doses of nicotine into the bloodstream and direct to the brain. Nicotine affects two of the chemicals in our brain that make us feel good, dopamine which gives us the ability to feel pleasure, contentment and happiness and Noradrenaline which gives us energy and allows us to focus and concentrate.

You know when you have not been able to have a cigarette for a few hours and then you have one, you notice you feel light headed or nauseous, well here is why! The reaction of dizziness, nausea, feeling ill, to the cigarette smoke is one that is generated by the subconscious mind as it strives to carry out its prime function, that of survival. It is in effect sending a clear message as it deploys its defences against the poison that has been introduced into the body. Dizziness and disorientation are experienced.

There are over two thousand chemical compounds in tobacco smoke. The most common two chemicals are nicotine and tar! Around thirty chemicals are known carcinogens and many are lethal poisons. Arsenic is present in tobacco smoke, as is also cyanide, ammonia, benzo-pyrene, carbon monoxide and prussic acid.

Added to these are the insecticides and chemical fertilizers sprayed onto crops. Hopefully you are aware of the fact that nicotine is one of the most poisonous substances known to man? Why you may ask? Well if you were to extract the nicotine from one cigarette and inject it into the vein, you would be dead in seconds. There is enough in that one cigarette to kill a horse!

Nicotine is a recognised vaso-constrictor; it causes the arteries to contract. The heart has to work harder to pump blood around the body. If someone smokes twenty cigarettes a day the heart pumps an extra 10000 beats in that same 24 hour period! The effects of smoking are devastating for your heart! Nicotine causes raised blood pressure and an increased risk of blood clots.

Carbon monoxide reduces the bloods ability to absorb vital oxygen and is directly responsible for the development of cholesterol deposits on artery walls, increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Now many smokers out there say, if not all of you:
“It helps me to Relax”, “I love a Smoke after Dinner”, “That’s really annoyed me, I’m going to have a cigarette now to calm down”

You say this to yourself because you have let yourself and your mind be fooled into believing it. Subconscious smokers have a way of delivering and believing such phrases and nonsense comments to themselves in a manner that has one purpose in mind, to maintain that smoking habit and its supply of nicotine! Make a Conscious Decision NOW to be FREE from smoking cigarettes and tobacco and I will make the subconscious one for you.