Sports Hypnosis

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I spend a lot of time with boxers competing at the Elite Championship level in Ireland/South Africa every year. Hypnosis is highly beneficial

for them and the gains are substantial.

Hypnosis is very beneficial to athletes in sport. It gives athletes that little added advantage when the pressure is really on.

I help many sportsmen and women tap into their subconscious minds to help them achieve a different level of mental preparedness. It is a good thing to have a small amount of tension or nerves say before a big fight or game! Its what keeps us sharp and focused, however when the nerves or tension becomes out of control it can have a very serious negative impact on our performance. More than often that sharpness is lost. Negative thought processes also have a very serious negative effect on us as well. Many sportsmen seek the services of a mind coach or psychologists to help them perform better. What a hypnotist does is a little different, we induce or guide clients into the “Trance” state and deliver powerful Positive suggestions to the deepest part of the mind in order to help give the client achieve an even greater control over whatever area it is he or she wants to change. Suggestions are pre discussed with the client beforehand. Hypnosis or Hypnotism is not talk therapy, we don’t talk to clients. We deliver suggestions and commands in the “trance state” Also in this state we use visualizations and reframing techniques to help clients.

Dudley has a passion with working with boxers obviously from my background in the wonderful sport. I have worked with many of the countries top fighters including sportsmen and women from many other sports. These would include the likes of world champions, double world champions, all Ireland stars and many top sportsmen from county level.

We use hypnosis in sports enhancement to achieve a variety of goals such as to increase mind control, to increase motivation and determination, to reframe past negative performances, to increase concentration, to eliminate fear, to increase self confidence, to reduce stress and anxiety, remove negative unwanted emotions and psychological blocks or barriers. Hypnosis makes you think like a winner. And when you start thinking like a winner you start winning! When you consciously think or subconsciously act and think like a loser, well then, you perform like a loser. Tap into an unlimited power, the power of hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Dudley is former (3) 2x South African Amateur Champion Boxer and 1x Runner Up and holder of at least 30 Provincial Championships. He is also a former Springbok, receiving his green and gold blazer back in 1988 which he still has today. He spent 14 years getting to the top of his sport, needless to say his expertise in training and mental preparedness levels are well experienced. Dudley uses hypnosis to help his clients achieve their full powerful potential without limits.

Hypnosis in sport is a great tool to have access too. It gives you that natural added advantage without the use of drugs. A persons success is determined by 2 things. Firstly how physically prepared you are and secondly how mentally prepared you are. There needs to be a balance between the two. If you feel you can benefit from using the full power of your mind then call. I’m a phone call away. All sessions are strictly private and clients’ names are never ever divulged.