Easy Weight Reduction

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You can Think, Eat and Feel like a Thinner Person and Reduce Your Weight

Feel Energetic, Feel Fantastic about You, Feel Confident

95% of People on Diets Actually GAIN Weight

Weight Reduction

Many of you may be asking “Do Diets actually work for people?” Well yes, that is until their willpower weakens and then most, about 95% of men and women, actually end up putting on more weight than they actually were before they started their diet! When this happens to people they feel really negative and guilty about themselves in many ways. They feel they have failed once again, and this is true because they are now heavier than before, they then resort back to that old unwanted subconscious habit of overeating or comfort eating.

Hypnosis is by far the most enjoyable and sensible way to reduce weight and keep it off. It is non invasive! Many people turn to liposuction, stomach stapling, liquid replacement diets and pills that effect there nervous systems to get their weight under control. You NEED to eat food! The correct food to Live! Many new diets on the market now are having people stay away from food altogether, this is not healthy! Many GPs are advising people against this. You need to eat food to live. Drinks and shakes are very hard to keep swallowing day in and day out! Also, the costs of these are very expensive!

Hypnosis tackles the habit side of the problem and also tackles the emotional attachment to food. Emotional or feeling thought patterns in our subconscious minds control how we feel about food, and if this is not changed it does not matter how many diets you do you will always end up heavier because our feelings always win out against our willpower or common logic in the long run.

The most sensible way to reduce weight is to eat less and exercise more. Hypnosis helps clients to want to eat more healthy foods. It ELIMINATES unhealthy eating habits, tackles food addictions, creates motivation and determination, creates motivation for exercise and tackles the emotional reasons for over eating.

Eating 100 calories less a day will let you drop 10lbs per year. Glucose piles up in fat cells and the more glucose in fat cells the more likely you are to gain weight. Yo-yo Liquid Diets cause weight gain. The body does not differentiate between a diet and starvation and when we diet our body reacts by going into survival mode, our metabolism shuts down and eventually the mere sight of tempting, calorie laden and instant energy food creates an overriding and overwhelming desire to eat those foods.

Our already sluggish metabolism converts this instant energy into fat cells which we store on our body so we have enough energy to see ourselves through the next starvation cycle. The only true way to reduce weight and keep it off is to eat sensibly and to eat like a thin person. Once you have reduced your excess weight, you will feel better, you will look better and you will have much more confidence in yourself.