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Dudley Van Niekerk – Dip.Hyp,RC.Hyp,AC.Hyp

So if you are ready to make positive changes in your life then Hypnosis is a great tool to give you that kick start that you need. Hypnosis is especially helpful in helping people to finally stop smoking and helps many people who are dealing with stress and anxiety in their lives. I have a particular passion in helping people to Stop Smoking, as I have been there myself in the past.Its absolutely Fantastic to be free from cigarettes.

So what is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is about empowering your mind through suggestion. Hypnosis is the power of suggestion. It’s the power that words have to change how we think, feel act behave and respond for the better in our lives. So if hypnosis is about the words that we use and suggestions, people ask me, are they suggestible? Well look at it this way. You see if you weren’t suggestible, well then you couldn’t learn. And as we have all been learning all our lives, this means we are suggestible. It’s how we learn therefore we are all suggestible in some way shape or form.

So hypnosis is the power of suggestion, Right? Exactly, so suggestion by definition has been described as a subconscious realisation of an idea! In other words it’s something that you think about in your mind that manifests itself in the physical form in your body. An example is if I take a bitter sour lemon and cut into it and……..now to emphasize this suggestion, Im going to suck that lemon now, and as I suck it you can feel the saliva start to flow in your mouth. The saliva glands start to work without having to think about it! Notice it? The unconscious idea of something sour in this lemon, has suggested to your inner self the occurrence of a physical phenomena. That’s the basis of Hypnosis. Powerful stuff.

Why is Hypnosis so Powerful and Effective?

It is effective because it changes the thought patterns in the subconscious mind. Those patterns are how we react and feel emotionally about various issues. When positive powerful suggestions are given and accepted into the subconscious mind they are acted upon immediately. When positive powerful suggestions are used we can re-programme the mind to bring about beneficial changes which are Life Changing!

Hypnosis is not Sleep.

Hypnosis is not sleep. Some clients say: “Was I Under?” “Was I hypnotised because I was not asleep!” “I heard and remembered everything, therefore I was not under” These are misconceptions and fallacies and must be dispelled. Hypnosis is not sleep. It has nothing to do with sleeping either. There is nothing to wake up from because you are not sleeping, in actual fact you are more aware of things around you even though you have your eyes closed!

The Conscious vs Subconscious Mind.

The conscious mind is:
The thinking and reasoning mind, it is logical and analytical part. It is responsible for awareness of external and internal stimuli that are called into awareness. It’s responsible for planning, initiating action, co-ordinating multiple and individual actions. It’s the reflective and future planning mind; it’s the vigilant and guarding mind.
The Subconscious mind is:
The storing mind, it is the repository of memories and perceptions. It’s the repressing mind, it stores memories of events, which have been consciously forgotten, distorted or repressed through time. It’s the creative mind, responsible for all our creative impulses and intuitions. It is the mythological mind; elements of all of the above are combined into romances, fantasies, legends and folklore. It is the healing mind; it’s responsible for ensuring the healthy and efficient working of both the body and brain.

Rules of the Mind:

● Every thought has a physical response.
● What one expects to happen has a strong tendency to happen
● Imagination is more powerful than knowledge. When imagination and reality are in conflict-imagination will win.
● The greater the effort the conscious makes the lesser the response from the unconscious.
● Once a suggestion is acted upon, it is easier for the next one to be accepted.
● Once the unconscious mind accepts an idea, it remains in place until it is replaced by another idea.
● A persistent emotional symptom has a tendency to affect the physical body.
● Opposing thoughts cannot be held simultaneously.